GMW80 Series Carbon Dioxide, Humidity and Temperature Transmitters for Standard Demand-Controlled Ventilation Applications Vaisala VietNam ANS VietNam

​​​​​​​​​​GMW80 transmitter series​The Vaisala CARBOCAP® Carbon Dioxide, Humidity​​ and Temperature Series GMW80 transmitters are wall-mount transmitters designed to fulfill the needs for CO2 measurements in standard demand-controlled ventilation applications. The CO2 measurement is based on a second-generation CARBOCAP® sensor, which uses a novel, microglow light source instead of an incandescent light bulb for a longer trouble-free lifetime.
The internal reference in the CO2 sensor guarantees the best stability and operation also in constantly occupied buildings without frequent readjustments. The CARBOCAP® sensors give correct CO2 measurements immediately when powered on as they have a built-in reference measurement. Proper operation can be verified immediately after snapping on the device cover.

GMW80 series includes the following models:
  • GMW86P  - C​O2, Current and voltage output, Pt1000
  • GMW86PT - CO2, Current and voltage output, Pt1000, Temperature set-point potentiometer
  • GMW83RP - CO2+RH+T, Voltage outputs, Pt1000
  • GMW83DRP - CO2+RH+T, Voltage outputs, Pt1000, Display
  • GMW83 - CO2+T, Voltage outputs
  • GMW83T - CO2+T, Voltage outputs, Temperature set-point potentiometer
  • GMW83A  - CO2+T, Voltage outputs, CO2 indicator LED’s
  • GMW83D - CO2+T, Voltage outputs, Display​
  • GMW84 - CO2 + T, Current output
  • ​GMW84S - CO2+T, Current output, Relay