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PTU300 Combined Pressure, Humidity and Temperature Transmitter for Demanding Applications Vaisala VietNam ANS VietNam

Vaisala VietNam ANS VietNam ​The Vaisala Combined Pressure, Humidity and Temperature Transmitter PTU300 is a unique instrument measuring three parameters simultaneously.
  • Four probe options:
    • PTU301 for laboratories
    • PTU303 for general use
    • PTU307 warmed probe for outdoor and demanding meteorology applications
    • PTU30T for pressure and temperature measurement only
  • Barometric pressure, humidity and temperature measurement in one transmitter
  • Available with up to two barometric pressure sensors - for added reliability
  • Graphical display and keypad for convenient operation
  • Integrated data logging with over four years of measurement history
  • RS-232C serial interface with NMEA protocol for GPS use
  • Analog outputs, RS232/485, WLAN/LAN
  • Optional universal power supply module
  • NIST traceable calibration (certificate included)
  • HMT330MIK Installation kit for outdoor use
  • Applications include environmental monitoring in calibration laboratories, industrial applications, GPS meteorology: estimating precipitable water vapor in the atmosphere, weather stations