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Model: HMP155A4GB11A0A2A1A0A
Humidity + Temperature Meteorological Probe
Probe type: 2 x voltage output (RS458 for service use)
Signal output : Analog Output (CH1+CH2) Output 0...10V
Analog Output Signal for CH1: T (-40...+60´C)
Analog Output Signal for CH2: RH (0...100%RH)
Metric Units; Humidity Sensor Type: H180R and Separate PT100 incl. shrinkable tubing; No Heating, No Chemical Purge
Sensor protection: Sintered PTFE-filter incl. O-ring
Probe Cable Length: 10 m (with 8 pin M12 female connector)
No Temperature Probe, No PC Accessories
RH&T-calibration in  room temperature




Code: HMD60U
Humidity Transmitter, 2-wire


Model: HMT3103B5A1BCE14B6AA1A2
Humidity and Temperature Transmitter; Probe code: HMT313
Parameters: Cod RH+T+Td+a+Tw+x+h+pws; Mounting Plate: Wall Plate with Flange Power supply: Standard (24 VDC)
Signal output: Analog Output (CH1+CH2) Output 4...20mA
Analog output signals for Ch1: 0...100%RH
Analog output signals for Ch2: Temperature Range -40...+180C
Output units: Metric Units; Cable connector: Connection Cable 5m 8 pin M12 Female, Black; User´s Guide HMT310 English
Probe type: HMP303 Probe 5m cable (120°C)
Humidity sensor type: general purpose (recommended choice) HUMICAP180R; Sensor protection in probe: PPS Grid with Steel Netting; No additional Temperature Probe, No Installation Kit
Calibration Certificate At Room Temperature




Code: HMD60T
Temperature Transmitter, 2-wire

Code: HMD60U
Humidity Transmitter, 2-wire

Code: HMW92
Humidity and Temperature Transmitter, 2-wire