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Code: HMD60T
Temperature Transmitter, 2-wire

Code: HMD60U
Humidity Transmitter, 2-wire

Code: HMW92
Humidity and Temperature Transmitter, 2-wire

Humidity module : HMM10045A2D0
Output signal : Output 0...5 V; Probe type: Stainless steel, 2.9 m cable; Measured parameter : Parameter RH; Humidity sensor type : Humicap 180; Sensor protection: Stainless filter

Humidity + Temperature Transmitter
Code: HMT120KB0A1F12A2C0Z
Output parameters: Humidity and  Temperature
Transmitter type: Remote probe 3 m with cable
No Display; Output signal: Output 4...20mA, 2-wire loop-powered
Parameter for Output 1: RH (0...100%RH)
Parameter for Output 2: Temperature

Code: HMW88TD
Dew point and Temperature Transmitter, 2-wire