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Correct Model: DMT340 5M0B1A113A1A001A2A0K0A0
Dewpoint & Temperature Transmitter; Transmitter Type: Code 5
Probe Cable Length: Probe 5m +180C,0-10MPa
No Additional Temperature Probe
Measurement Parameters: Code Td/f+PPM+x+RH+T, With Display
Power Supply: Standard (10..35V,24VAC)
Analog Output Signal for (Ch1&Ch2&Ch3): 4...20mA
Analog Output Scaling for Ch1: Tdf (0...+100C)
Analog Output Scaling for Ch2: T (0...140C)
No Analog Output Scaling for Ch3
Operating Pressure: Pressure Setting for Optimized Accuracy 1 bar
Output Units: Metric Units; No Additional Option
User Cable Connection: Sealed Cable Gland M20x1.5
No Installation Kit; Dewpoint Sensor: Drycap180s Sensor
Sensor Protection: Sintered Filter AISI 316L  HM47280
No Probe Installation Accessories
User's Guide DMT345/346 Transmitter English



Code: HMT330-1A0A101BCAA110A01AADAA1
HMT330  Humidity and Temperature Transmitter
Transmitter type: HMT331 for wall mounting
Probe cables: Fixed, With Display; No Additional temperature probe
Calculations: Code RH+T; Power supply: Standard (10...35V,24VAC)
Signal output: Analog Output 4...20mA; Analog output signals for Ch1: 0...100%RH; Analog output signals for Ch2: Range See Below
No Analog output signals for Ch3; No Analog output range for temperature; Output units: Metric Units; Option for module slot 1: Relay Module; No Option for module slot 2; Cable bushings: Sealed Cable Gland M20x1.5; No Installation Kit; Humidity sensor: General purpose HUMICAP180; Sensor protection: PPS Grid with Steel Netting; No Installation kit for probe; User´s Guide HMT330 French
No Accessories

Code: MMT162-C1DBB0AA60A1X
MMT162 Moisture in Oil Transmitter
Transmitter Type: Pre product MMT162 MP300 Metal NPT + L2
Measurement Parameter: Code aw+T
Analog Output, RS485 as Standard : RS485+ Analog Output  CH1 4...20mA CH2 4...20m
Analog Output Parameter or Function for CH1: Channel 1 aw (0...1)
Analog Output Parameter or Function for CH2: Channel 2 aw (0...1)
Sensor Protection: Stainless Steel Filter Standard
Cable for Aout and Power Supply (Port1): 2 m (9.8 ft) shielded threaded connector 90°

Sampling cell DMT242SC

NPT1/2" plug
Item no: 222507