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Vaisala việt nam

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Digital Barometer (class B, equipped with 1 pressure transducer)

Humidity and Temperature Transmitter
Code: HMT331A0B011BCAF100A0ACABAA1

HMT330  Humidity and Temperature Transmitter
Correct code: HMT330 3G0A001BCAC100A01AABBA1
Transmitter type: HMT333 for general use

Model: GMT221J1N0B0CXX0B
GMT221 CO2 Transmitter for High CO2 Concentrations

Model:  HMT330-7U3D001BCAJ100A05AA DBA1
HMT330  Humidity and Temperature Transmitter, HMT337 for high humidity; Analog output signals for Ch3: Channel 3 h (-40..1500kJ/kg); Analog output range for temperature: Temperature Range -20...+180C

Code: Humicap sensor 180 15778HM 
The 229010HM is not available with this part number, its spare part code is that 15778HM
(Sensor Intercap 229010HM)

Code: HM42
Hand-Held Humidity and Temperature Meter with HM42PROBE; HM40 Meter and Probe Combinations

Hand-Held Humidity and Temperature meter Standard Probe HM41

Humidity + Temperature Meteorological Probe
Code: HMP155A2AB11A0A1A1A0A

Certificate of Origin which is issued by Chamber of Comerce